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Economic Opportunity for All Charlotte Families

I am running for mayor to expand economic opportunity to all of our neighborhoods.

A recent study ranked Charlotte last in upward mobility among America’s 50 largest cities.

Changing the inequality in our city begins with a dialogue and ensuring that voices from every community in Charlotte are heard, but it cannot end with discussion. We must take action.

We know that the keys to upward mobility are good schools and good jobs—for everyone.

Good schools for all Charlotte families

When I am out in the community I hear from many Charlotte families that the number one issue they care about is good schools.

Education is the foundation of providing access to a successful and prosperous future. But too often children in Charlotte start at a disadvantage. Too many of our children do not have access to Pre-K and after school programs that will allow them to stay in school, find their passion and get good jobs.

I am a former teacher and have worked as an international businesswoman so I understand how education and jobs go together. I will be a tireless advocate to make good schools a priority in our community.

Currently, there is no organization in Charlotte in charge of monitoring and ensuring that our kids have constructive, positive programs to go to after school.  This must change.

I have fixed problems like this before. When Mecklenburg County had only a handful of beds for families suffering from domestic violence, I co-chaired the fundraising effort that helped raise $8 million by bringing together private citizens and public institutions to raise money to build the domestic violence shelter on West Boulevard. I promise to bring that same energy and attention to raising the needed resources to improve after school programs in Charlotte. I have done it before and I am excited to do it again.

Good Jobs for all Charlotte Families

Creating jobs is about enabling our citizens the opportunity to provide for their families. It is about ensuring that those who have invested their time in learning skills have the opportunity to put them to use.

I have helped create jobs in Charlotte before. I speak four languages and have worked as an international businesswoman and I know what companies need and want in a city. As Chairman of the County Commission I worked to create 5,000 new jobs during a bad recession by recruiting companies such as ABB, Toshiba and Siemens.

At the same time I also worked to create good hourly jobs by recruiting call centers and other hourly employers. I also supported small businesses and women- and minority-owned businesses to help people in all neighborhoods be successful.

As our next mayor I will roll up my sleeves and recruit big and small companies throughout the world so we can create economic opportunity throughout our city.